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I am a graduate of the MA of Traditional Arts from the Prince's School in London, and am currently based in Melbourne, Australia, where I am partly from.


While I always loved art, I never really had the insight or the opportunity to pursue it before coming to the School.  

My work is mainly egg tempera painting of manuscripts, floor designs and icon studies from the tradition of the Orthodox Church. Stylistically, I draw on the otherworldly beauty of the liturgical arts of Roman Late Antiquity/Byzantium. Basically, I try to do traditional arts here and now; (hopefully) aligning with that same ethos to speak the same truth in today's language. 

What I ultimately care about is real-world application. The crafts and arts as experiential rather than speculative, and resonating on the intuitive rather than just the cognitive level. I am interested applying the traditional arts in Australia, literally from the ground up; making things from local timber and stone, and colouring things with pigments from local rocks and native plants. 

To this end, I am looking to consolidate my existing skills and to keep learning new ones. 

Karakallou Monastery, Mt. Athos, Greece

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